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"Social skills are necessary for school success. They affect how you do on the playground, in the classroom, in the workplace" --Dr. Barbara Howard an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an expert on behavior and development." The New York Times

ages 8- 14, $95.00 per child

There is a maximum of 10 children per group.

This eye-opening workshop teaches students how be technologically safe and savvy in our world where the Internet records everything.  As we interact more and more online, it's essential to be aware of the wonders of the digital world as well as its pitfalls.  What we put online leaves a digital footprint that lasts forever, making it imperative for kids to know how to interact on the world wide web.  Kids will be equipped with critical skills and knowledge to interact appropriately via smartphones and the Internet.


Topics include:

  • Appropriate vs. inappropriate smart-phone use: talking, texting, applications
  • Social Networking, online chatting and gaming
  • Pausing before posting
  • Netiquette
  • Cyber Bullying and digital "drama" (Bullies, bystanders, & victims)
  • Dangers of over-sharing information
  • How to make an efficient, private password
  • Friendship, self-esteem, and boundaries in the digital world
  • Time management - ensuring life isn't solely spent interacting virtually
  • How to talk to a parent/adult if you encounter a problem
  • How to appropriately write and respond to emails with friends vs. adults

*we are a nut-free environment and can accommodate dietary needs (please indicate on registration form)