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"Social skills are necessary for school success. They affect how you do on the playground, in the classroom, in the workplace" --Dr. Barbara Howard an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an expert on behavior and development." The New York Times

ages 8-12, $75.00 per child

There is a maximum of 10 children per group.

Communication is perhaps the most important life skill—without this skill, interacting with others can be awkward and uncomfortable. The purpose of this workshop is to teach students how to cooperate effectively in real world settings with peers, adults, parents, siblings, and friends. The program will also facilitate initiating and pursuing communication with ease and ultimately equip students with a finely-tuned modern day communication toolkit.


Topics include:

  • How to initiate and maintain conversations
  • Verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication
  • Engaging in a dialogue vs. monologue
  • Appropriate questions to ask
  • Asking pertinent questions
  • Active listening and paying attention to others
  • Conversing with peers versus adults
  • Eliminating effective use of junk words (ie. Like, Um Ya Know)

*we are a nut-free environment and can accommodate dietary needs (please indicate on registration form)