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"Social skills are necessary for school success. They affect how you do on the playground, in the classroom, in the workplace" --Dr. Barbara Howard an assistant professor of pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and an expert on behavior and development." The New York Times


ages 13-17,  $195.00 per student

1-day workshop featuring 3 hours of instruction

There is a maximum of 10 children per group.



This program can be taken independently or following the essentialteenz workshop. This workshop fosters confidence and self esteem during daily interactions with peers and adults, covering topics such as interview basics, public speaking, and advanced conversational skills. The program also delves into social interaction at the workplace and interview settings.

Topics include:


advanced conversational skills

  • Conversing one on one versus in a group
  • Personal and current event- based talking points
  • Coming across as confident vs. arrogant
  • Gracefully answering difficult questions
  • How to be an effective listener
  • Asking pertinent questions
  • workplace conversation


public speaking

  • Preparation for presentations
  • Techniques for easing pre-presentation jitters
  • Effective presentation delivery
  • How to use body language during a presentation
  • How to engage audiences and end with a splash


interview essentials

  • How to effectively prepare and do research in advance of an interview
  • How to position academic credentials, extracurricular activities, and other interests
  • How to confidently converse, respond to, and ask questions
  • Grooming/ appropriate attire
  • Following- up on your interview

*we are a nut-free environment and can accommodate dietary needs (please indicate on registration form)